Hi, I am Paulina


Welcome to a blog all about wellness, health and beauty. I have been passionate about veganism and healthy living for a long time and strive to live as naturally as possible. Let’s face it, we all want to be like Jane Fonda when we hit our 80’s! I am a big believer in yielding long term benefits through a healthy lifestyle and diet not only for our physical appearance but most importantly to be able to live a fulfilling life full of movement and happiness.

I became vegan about 4 years ago and since then did not have any intentional slip ups. I believe that it has significantly improved my skin and made me love food even more. Over 2 years ago I met Antonio at a place I used to work, and where he still works as a chef. He inspired me to cook more for myself as I often relied on vegan food quickly prepared in the oven or recipes I was used to preparing. He expanded my interest in food and our love and food affair continues to this day. He is the face behind the food most of the time, and since he is not vegan himself, I give ideas on food to veganise. We aim to inspire you to love food and your body through healthy recipes and advice on how to live as healthfully as possible. Join us in a journey to a long and healthy life 🙂

What you will get out of my blog:
  • Inspiration for veganising your favourite dishes

  • Wellness advice to live a happy life
  • Classic Italian and Polish recipes

  • Recipe videos, fitness and more!