Vegan Polish Mizeria (Cucumber Salad) Recipe

This is such an easy recipe, I can’t believe I have not discovered how to make it sooner! Growing up in Poland, this side dish was always served in our house hold along with some mashed potatoes and a ‘kotlet’. You know the one where you ask ‘What’s for dinner?’ and your mum or grandma replies ‘Ziemniaki z kotletem i mizerią’. If you know, you know. It is basically tradition. And I have always loved it and it always makes me think of my home in Poland. Sadly, the original recipe is made from double cream and I first started craving it a few months ago and went on a quest to find out how to veganise it. I have found my answer and tried to make it and I can say it tastes the same as I remember.

Interestingly, in English, this dish is simply called a ‘cucumber salad’. I prefer the original name even though now it sounds like ‘misery’ to me but let me tell you there is no misery in this! It is quite delicious. For me, it is not something to be eaten on its own as it has a distinctive flavour but if you like it, go ahead. I like eating it the semi-traditional way. I will have a store bought or hand made patty on the side and if I am not making mashed potatoes, I stick fries or curly fries in the oven to complete the meal.

But if you skip this recipe because the sheer mention of ‘cucumber’ makes you turn your head, hang in there. This has been tried and tested by cucumber haters too and they like it!

One other reason I like this side so much is I am obsessed with the hot and cold contrast. If I am having a warm/hot meal, I usually like having something cold on the side to taste as well. (This is why a brownie and ice-cream is simply one of the best desserts invented). The difference between hot and cold is great and saves my tongue from burning if I can’t wait for my food to cool down before eating.

So if you want to know how to make this quick, easy, tasty vegan mizeria, read on.


  1. Plain yoghurt
  2. Cucumber
  3. Salt, pepper, sugar
  4. Dill

How to

  • Peel half or a quarter of a cucumber. Next, slice thinly. I remember always having it almost see through but now I like it a tiny bit thicker.
  • Add 3-4 full tablespoons of plain yoghurt
  • Add a pinch of salt, sugar and pepper
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons of dill. I like it quite ‘dilly’ so I usually get carried away and do it by eye
  • Stir everything well and enjoy!

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