Multipurpose Beauty Hacks To Save You Time In The Morning

I’m a very simple girl. At least when it comes to beauty products and getting my face ready for the day. The cliche “less is more” rings very true for me and I adore when I am able to use fewer products to do the same job as if I were to use many.

I like going out with a friend, on a date, or in these times to the park or Lidl, not worrying about spending more than 10min getting my face ready to greet strangers on the street. My bare face makes me feel good and free and for me putting ‘effort in’ requires minimal effort and is essentially effortless. Also, I can’t be the only one feeling like make up ages them, right? Or maybe I’m doing it wrong. I can accept that I’m just not that good at it. Anyway, for me the less time I can spend on my face means I can put the hours into choosing clothes for the day!

Now I am not saying that spending an hour on your face is not worth it or that no make up is better than make up. You do you! Whatever makes you feel good is what you should be doing more of so if that is wearing beautiful make up everyday then so be it.  But for me, what feels good is taking care of my skin inside out and covering up as little as possible and enhancing things just a little bit. I like feeling like ‘me’ and if men in general can get away without needing make up and still looking good then I don’t see why a woman needs it to feel beautiful either. We are all human and beautiful and enough as we are.

Anyway, below I have compiled a list of easy-to-find products (half in your baking cabinet) that I use to serve more than one function to achieve the ‘bare minimum’.


  1. Vaseline

You might think this little tub of jelly is only good for your daily lip moisturiser (sometimes multiple times a day) but it can serve your whole face! As long as you use clean fingers, I love to smooth down my brows with it but most importantly use it as ‘mascara’. People have pointed out to me that it looks like I’m wearing make up when I use a little bit on my eyelashes. Think of it as clear mascara. Your lashes will be your natural colour but just look more defined. I have heard people using it on their entire face but I would suggest sticking to a few isolated parts rather that potentially blocking your pores and looking greasy.

2.Coconut and olive oil

When I discovered I can replace the chemical chaos that is shaving cream with oil I was so happy because I was getting closer to using more natural products. When you really think about it, the main function of shaving cream is to make your skin and the hair soft enough so it can be removed easily. Well, coconut and olive oil serves the same function and are only one ingredient and much more environmentally friendly. Another perk is that coconut oil doesn’t irritate your skin and it is a natural anti-fungal. Also, oil is so moisturising that after shaving and irritating your skin with the razor, your skin will look better.

Coconut oil can also be used as a massage oil, even before or during your shower. As you shave, you might as well use the oil on your legs and thighs and massage them. A lil self-love never hurt nobody!

3. Apple cider Vinegar

It is anti-fungal and anti-microbial. One way you can use it is for your face, where you simply dab a bit of vinegar on a cotton pad and then run it under water for 2 seconds to dilute it a little bit. It can therefore be used as a cleanser and toner before applying a night cream or oil. It balances the ph on your face.

Another way to use it, is as a hair/scalp conditioner. Especially when faced with scalp ailments, apple cider vinegar can be diluted with water in a cup and used to treat the scalp and kill fungi and bacteria and also promote shine to the rest of the hair. It works best when using cold water to rinse it off.

4. Lipstick

If you had a look at my make up bag, you would see that I literally have three things in there: a mascara, highlighter, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Okay, that’s four, but I hardly ever use mascara! And the only lipstick I have is a red. I know people who are basically make up artists and own 50 shades of lipsticks and can do beautiful eye make up and have it be glamorous and glittery. For me, the lazier I can be with make up, the better! My red lipstick can act as what it is, a blush, and eyeshadow all in one. All I do is rub the colour gently on my finger and dab it on desired areas and I’m good to go. Try it if like me, choice overwhelms you want a bit more simplicity and space in your vanity bag.

5. Highlighter

If I really want to put effort in, I dab a little bit of highlighter. This can go pretty much anywhere on your face or body (Sometimes I use it to enhance my collarbones). Usually, I put a little bit under my eyebrows, tip of my nose and cheeks to look more ‘glowy and glittery’. It looks really cute in summer when the sun catches the sparkles in the highlighter. But you can go wild and put it anywhere you want!


So these are the beauty products I use if I want to put in a lil bit of effort in the day otherwise I can go days and weeks without doing anything but cleaning my face and brushing my eyebrows. It makes my day start simple and I love that.


Paulina x

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Hi,I'm Paulina! Nice to see you here :) Welcome to my blog all about vegan food, wellness and health. Hope you stick around!

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