Focus on yourself

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Are you like a lot of people that reach straight for your phone and find yourself browsing new posts on twitter, watching other people’s instagram stories to see what they were up to last night and checking new tik toks uploaded on facebook?

Maybe you open your eyes to new emails or frantically check your bank app to see if there was a magical million pound deposit overnight to your bank? (Guilty) Or even better, hit snooze because 8am is a crazy time to wake up in lockdown….

You see, before you had the chance to stretch your muscles from all the awkward positions your body was in when asleep, or hydrating after your hibernation, you have invited thousands of strangers into your bedroom and headspace. It is very unnatural to wake up and be exposed to different opinions, different people before stepping out of bed.

You start your day by consuming rather than taking control of your day. And then carry that mentality throughout the day. When we want to nourish our bodies we go for the healthy option over the sweets and junk but we forget to nourish our mind and expose it to junk and people’s business first thing in the morning.

It is important to focus on yourself first, after all, the relationship you have with yourself will be the longest and is the most important. If you are not taken care of, it will influence how you approach situations and other people.

So how do you focus on yourself?

  1. No phone first thing in the morning- Drink a glass of water, stretch, wash your face, do some yoga…there are plenty of ways to take care of yourself before you are concerned what Betty and Jack were doing yesterday or what Emily Ratajkowski had for breakfast.
  2. Use envy as motivation- When you find yourself in a dark hole, comparing yourself to other people and envying their life or looks, think about what they did to get there and know it is possible for you too. Do not get disheartened and demotivated when you see someone else with defined abs, bigger biceps or a nice butt. Admire it and be inspired to create the best version of yourself!
  3. Learn to say no sometimes– To create an exciting life and learn, you need to yes to new experiences and not be afraid to try something new. However, knowing when to say no is equally as important. What if in your heart you know you don’t want to attend that party on Friday night, get drunk and wake up at 2pm. Maybe you prefer your beauty sleep and waking up without a headache.
  4. Read- I know reading is not everyone’s cup of tea, but give it a try even if you hate it! Reading a book activates the same parts of your brain as meditation and really makes you focus on nothing else. And when you read you are giving yourself time to relax, expand your mind and vocabulary.
  5. Slow down- Even when doing simple things like brushing your teeth, getting ready, and eating. Time with yourself is important and rushing spikes anxiety and cortisol levels. Relax, slow down, and enjoy time with and for yourself.


You might have heard this before but the best project you will ever work on is yourself, as you have to show up everyday for yourself and for others. Focusing on yourself will ensure you have your priorities in check because if you don’t take care of yourself first, who will?

Paulina x



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Hi,I'm Paulina! Nice to see you here :) Welcome to my blog all about vegan food, wellness and health. Hope you stick around!

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